Single Sidestep

The Single Sidestep is danced to:

  • The Girl I Left Behind Me (aka Brighton Camp)
  • Highland Mary
  • Jenny Lind
  • The Nutting Girl (played for six-hand)
  • The Quaker

Double Sidestep

The Double Sidestep is danced to:

  • Johnny’s So Long at the Fair
  • The Forester
  • The Italian Job
  • Lumps of Plum Pudding
  • Old Tom of Oxford
  • Speed the Plough

Corner Dances

Corner Dances specific to each tune and are:

  • Banbury Bill
  • The Rose Tree                                                                  
  • Shave the Donkey
  • Shepherds’ Hey
  • The Webley Through


Jigs are:

  • Bacca Pipes
  • The Broom Dance
  • The Fool’s Jig
  • Jockey to the Fair
  • The Nutting Girl                                                                               
  • Old Tom of Oxford
  • Princess Royal


Other Bampton Dances are, like the corner dances, specific to each tune and are:

  • The Ashling
  • Bobbing Around (aka Bobbing Joe)
  • Bonny Green Garters (aka Greenie Up, the Cotswold farewell dance)     
  • Constant Billy
  • The Flowers of Edinburgh (aka Knuckle Down)
  • Furze Field
  • Glorishears (dance aka Stamp & Clap)                                                         
  • The Maid of the Mill (dance aka Jump & Clap)
  • Step and Fetch Her
  • The Webley Twizzle